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American Woman Becomes Youngest To Visit Every Country

A 21-year-old American woman broke a Guinness World Record when she became the youngest person to visit all 196 sovereign nations in the world.

Lexie Alfordvisited the North Korean side of the conference rooms in the “blue house” in the Joint Security Area on the DMZ between North and South Korea on Friday, crossing off the last country on her list.

Alford said she was unable to find a way around the U.S. travel ban to North Korea, but Guinness rules allowed for the “blue house” visit to count as stepping foot on North Korean land. She beat out a British man namedJames Asquith, who previously held the record when he visited every country on Earth by age 24.

It also helps that she was born into a family of travel agents, which gave her the unique opportunity to tour exotic places like Cambodia, Dubai, and Egypt during her childhood.


Crop Tops And Tube Tops Are The Latest Summer Fashion Trends For Men

Keep in mind that crop tops aren’t like what you may remember from back in the ’80s when the guys wore cut-off t-shirts. These crop tops are tight and form-fitting in the sleeves and across your chest.

The tube tops cover the opposite part of your torso and it wraps around from the middle of your chest down to your waist. So if you put a crop top and tube top together, you’d basically have one full shirt.

Of course, people on Twitter are having a furious debate over whether these are good looks for dudes. So far, it appears people feel the crop tops are tolerable but the tube top is getting almost all negative reviews.


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